Chelmsford Osteopathic Practice Treatment Plans

First consultation and treatment - will last thirty minutes to an hour and costs £55. During this, a detailed case history will be taken asking all about the present problem, previous history and general health, followed by treatment if necessary.

Second and subsequent treatments - will last up to 30 minutes and costs £40.

Home Visits and Weekends available and credit cards accepted. Sundays may incur an extra charge.

What can your treatment help with?

Pain Relief is one of the main goals of osteopathy. Treating pain caused by sports injuries, work-related injuries, arthritis and sciatica; osteopathy helps people of all ages and conditions. Treatment by an osteopath may relieve pain, improve mobility and make life more comfortable or enable you to get back to your everyday life as quickly as possible.

Back Pain

If you’re suffering back pain, you’re not alone. According to research, 60% of the UK’s populations will suffer from lower back pain at some stage. Osteopathy may help to reduce pain and restore back function and mobility to normal. Read more

Sports Injury

Being a natural approach to healthcare, osteopathy is an excellent remedy for most sports injuries. At Chelmsford Osteopathic Practice, we’ve treated many sports injuries from professional athletes and sporting professionals to injuries caused from the gym or playing Frisbee with the kids!


Pain is often caused or exasperated by driving. Driving can cause back pain, neck pain, hip pain and many others. If you are suffering pain behind the wheel or even in the passenger seat, whether it be a car, bus, lorry or any other type of vehicle, Chelmsford Osteopathic Practice may help to reduce the pain and offer advice including simple exercises to prevent suffering.

Work Strain or Injury

Over 300million sick days are taken in the UK every year due to injuries caused in the work place. Whether your pain and discomfort is caused by lifting heavy loads, sitting at your PC for prolonged periods or driving long distances Chelmsford Osteopathic Practice may ease your pain and advice on correcting your posture and preventative exercise to avoid future problems. We can even provide 'off work' certificates if required.


If your pain, strain or injury is not mentioned above, it does not mean that we cannot help, so please feel free to contact us for more information any time.